What do doctors do for stress and tension headaches?

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What do doctors do for stress and tension headaches?

They go get a Massage!

Why? Because very simply it works…

The 3 ways How Tension Headache Start

  1. Tension. Nervous tension builds up in the neck and scalp muscles
  2. Pressure. Tension puts painful pressure on nerves and tiny blood vessels in the head
  3. Pain. Tension and pressure cause headache pain.

A massage at Adaptive Massage relaxes tension, release pressure and relieves pain fast!

When you suffer pain from headaches, why not do what most doctors recommend – get a massage from Adaptive Massage!

Here is why a massage at Adaptive Massage can relieve your pain and offer complete relief.

First we start, where many massage therapist fail. We listen to you! We find out where you are feeling areas of tension.

Secondly, we design a massage treatment specific for you, which not only relieves pain incredibly fast, but also relaxes tension and release painful pressure on nerves.

Thirdly, our treatment room is dimly lit, to allow complete relaxation

Fourthly, our treatment table is soft and comfortable, it will feel like your floating on a cloud.

Fifthly, our massage therapist will use just the right amount of pressure, to melt your tight muscles and tension. No too hard, not too soft.

Sixth, we do not mind if you fall asleep during the massage. You obviously need the rest.

Seventh, when the massage is finished, we will give you a glass of water to help hydrate your body

Eighth, you will leave with our “After Massage Care” information card, to give you helpful tips to do at home, so you get the most out of your massage and stop those headaches coming back.

All of this is designed to ensure a better “total” effect in relieving pain.

If you want one of the safest ways to relieve headache pain, visit us for a massage.

For Fast-Fast-Fast relief -> Adaptive Massage