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Rachael Sidler-West

Remedial Massage Therapist 

Rachael is an experienced remedial massage therapist with a unique blend of expertise in athletics, specifically long-distance running, netball, and kickboxing. Her strong sporting background not only shapes her understanding of the human body but also provides her with a unique perspective on injury prevention, rehabilitation, and optimal performance.

Rachael’s passion for sports began in her youth and extended into her adult life, where she excelled in long-distance running. Her commitment to the discipline led her to coach juniors and teens, equipping them with proper running techniques and fostering their love for the sport.

Always looking to expand her knowledge and skills, Rachael is currently studying for her Cert IV in Personal Training, which she is set to complete in the next few months. This new qualification will further strengthen her understanding of fitness and exercise, enabling her to provide comprehensive and personalised care for her clients.

Leveraging her hands-on experience in various sports, Rachael effectively incorporates her in-depth knowledge into her massage therapy practice. She’s passionate about assisting those in pain and guiding her clients through their recovery journey from injuries. Her methods are not only aimed at immediate relief but also focus on long-term wellness and performance enhancement.

Combining her love for sports, commitment to healing, and continued education, Rachael offers a unique approach to remedial massage therapy. Her understanding of the demands and strains of various sports enables her to provide her clients with targeted, effective treatments. Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone in need of pain relief and relaxation, Rachael’s multi-faceted approach to remedial massage therapy could be the key to your recovery and enhanced performance.