Major Back Pain Relief Breakthrough

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Special New massage & exercise therapy integrated technique halts back pain so fast it’s being called a…


Until now, most massage therapists have been nothing more that beauty therapists taught to rub someone. Now a new innovative massage and exercise therapy technique just for back pain sufferers has been developed.

A small massage clinic in Boorgaoon has developed a special integrated massage and exercise treatment that relieve back pain, improves mobility and strengthens muscles.

The treatment which is based around the Movement, Strength & Recovery Model, is one of the fasting acting therapeutic formulas ever developed in the fight against back pain.

It all revolves around 3 key steps

  1. Release
  2. Activate
  3. Integrate

Immediately the therapist goes to work by penetrating deep to the areas most affected – the muscle themselves – bringing fast relief where relief is needed most.

Secondly, the therapist will help activate the “lazy” muscles. Help recruit the right muscles to do the right job.

Thirdly, the therapist will help integrate all this together. Your body is not individual segments or parts. It must work together as a whole.

Men and women who have suffered back pain for years are reporting incredible results with this integrated massage and exercise treatment. Even a single massage seems to work remarkably well in relieving pain and bringing comfort to cramped knotted muscles.

Long-time back sufferer will be glad to know that this formula will help put an end to agonizing days and sleepless nights.

It is highly recommended by our clients, who have now resumed daily activities and are enjoying life again!!!