Logan’s Story – How Sports & Remedial Massage Helped His Cricket

Sports & Remedial Massage - Myaree

Logan is an avid cricket enthusiast. He has been playing the sport since he was a young boy and it was one of his biggest passions in life. Every weekend he could be found out on the pitch, enjoying every second of his beloved game.

However, as Logan got older, he began to notice that all those years of running around had taken its toll on his body. He started getting aches and niggles here and there, minor injuries that would take longer to heal than usual – nothing too serious but enough to hinder him from playing at full capacity.

That’s when Logan discovered sports & remedial massage therapy, right here in Booragoon, only a few minutes away from his house. After just one session with a qualified remedial massage therapist he noticed an immediate difference in how his body felt; the stiffness had gone away and even some of those old injuries seemed less painful than before! It wasn’t long until remedial massage became part of his regular routine – something that allowed him to keep playing cricket without having any major issues due to age or injury-related problems.

Logan still loves taking part in recreational cricket matches today – thanks partly due to the fact that he has been able to maintain himself with regular massages over time!

If you love cricket, then come get a Sports & Remedial massage