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Kids & Teens Remedial Massage

Our children and teens are not just students; many are budding athletes, pushing their limits in various sports and physical activities. At Adaptive Massage, we recognize their potential and the unique challenges that come with it. Our clinic stands out not only as neurodivergent-friendly but as a sanctuary tailored to meet the specific needs of young athletes.

Our experienced therapists excel in addressing the sports-induced muscle tensions, sprains, and strains that young athletes often experience. The rigorous demands of children’s sports can lead to muscle fatigue, soreness, or more serious injuries.

Moreover, with teens juggling between intense academic curriculums and sports, emotional and physical strains become inevitable. Some may also grapple with self-harming patterns amidst the pressure. With utmost sensitivity, our team provides healing and rejuvenation.

The digital age brings another layer of challenges. Excessive screen time is causing postural issues in many young individuals, such as rounded shoulders, forward head posture, and irregular back curves. Beyond treating these problems, we emphasize educating them on performance enhancement and preventive techniques, ensuring they maintain optimal health and athleticism.

Important Notes:

  • Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian during sessions.
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We are not your typical Remedial Massage clinic.
Come experience our signature Pain Management Massage treatment.

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Health Fund Rebates Available

Health Fund rebates are available for Remedial Massage but may vary depending upon each provider and your particular level of cover.

To make payments easier we offer HICAPS automatic claims system which means we can instantly process your claim and you will receive your rebate on the spot within the practice, leaving you only the gap to pay.

Please bring your Health Fund card with you to your appointment to be able to process your claim.