Karen’s Story – Beating Neck Pain

Sports & Remedial Massage - Myaree

Karen had been struggling with neck pain for weeks, and it was starting to take its toll. It was hard to concentrate at work, she couldn’t sleep well and the constant knot in her shoulder blade made even the simplest of tasks unbearable. She knew she needed help but wasn’t sure where to start.

That’s when Karen heard about remedial massage therapy from a friend at work. She decided to give it a try, hoping that maybe this could be the solution she’d been looking for.

At her appointment, Karen was assessed by her remedial massage therapist – James – on movement, strength, posture and pain levels before beginning treatment. The massage felt amazing as all those tight muscles were worked through – something Karen hadn’t realized how much tension she had been carrying until that point!

After several treatments over the course of a few weeks, Karen found that her neck pain had lessened significantly – an incredible feeling after months of suffering! She now visits her therapist regularly for maintenance sessions as part of an ongoing health plan which has kept her neck pain-free ever since.

Karen is so grateful for having discovered Adaptive Massage; it truly saved her from dealing with chronic neck pain any longer than necessary!