James’s Story

Sports & Remedial Massage - Myaree

James had been suffering from lower back pain for years. He had seen countless doctors and tried numerous treatments, but nothing seemed to help. He was beginning to lose hope that he would ever find a solution.

One day, James decided to try something new and went to see a remedial massage therapist. During the assessment, his remedial massage therapist – Rachael – asked him questions about his movement, strength, posture and pain levels. She then performed a number of tests on him while making careful observations along the way.

Afterwards, she recommended having some remedial massage treatment sessions with her in order to address his problem areas more directly. After several weeks of regular treatment sessions with her, James started noticing an improvement in his condition and eventually the pain began subsiding completely until it was gone altogether!

James couldn’t believe how effective this simple remedy had been – all those years of searching for relief were finally over! From then on out he made sure to keep up with regular maintenance massages as part of his health routine so that he could stay healthy and enjoy life without any further worries about lower back pain!