How Sports Massage Helped Alice To Keep Running

Sports & Remedial Massage - Myaree

Alice had been running for years, ever since she was a young girl. It was her solace and escape; the way to clear her head when the world seemed too overwhelming. As life got busier though, it became harder and harder to keep up with her routine of running every day – but Alice refused to give up on something she loved so much.

So instead, she changed tactics: instead of running every day, Alice began spacing out her runs throughout the week, allowing herself days of rest in between each session. But even then, after being back on track for a while, Alice started noticing aches and niggles that would come from seemingly nowhere during or after each run. She knew that if these aches kept coming it would be hard for her to stay motivated enough to continue at this pace – which is why she decided it was time for something else: Sports & Remedial Massage.

At first Alice wasn’t sure what results this kind of treatment could achieve – especially since she hadn’t really been injured before – but as soon as her therapist started working away at some knots in one shoulder blade (which were caused by incorrect posture while running – not something most people consider when it comes to running!), all doubts vanished into thin air! After a few Sports Massage sessions not only did those knots disappear completely but also any other minor ache or pain that came along with them!

Alice now knows how important Sports & Remedial Massage can be both as an injury prevention tool and also just generally helping maintain muscle health when doing exercise regularly- an invaluable lesson learnt through trial and error! And although she still loves going out for long runs each weekend morning like clockwork, Alice never misses one single appointment with her Sports & Remedial Massage Therapist – knowing full well how important keeping your body healthy is when you’re putting it under strain.

If you love running and want to keep running for the long term then book in for regulars maintenance Sports Massages. We even have massage memberships!