Gerald’s Golf Story

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Gerald had been playing recreational golf for years, ever since he retired. He enjoyed the challenge of perfecting his swing, and the serenity of the greens was a great way to spend some time outside.

But as with any hobby that requires physical activity, Gerald eventually started feeling aches in his joints and muscles. It got so bad that he could barely finish a game without feeling pain afterward. Not wanting to quit what he loved doing most, Gerald sought out remedial massage therapy to help him continue playing golf regularly.

His remedial massage therapist – Devi – was able to identify where Gerald’s muscle tension came from and worked diligently on releasing it using various techniques like trigger point release and deep tissue massage. Through their sessions together, Gerald gradually regained mobility in his neck, back and shoulders—all areas directly impacted by swinging a golf club! As each session passed by, Gerald felt more capable of enjoying leisurely games without worrying about being sore afterwards.

He still visits Adaptive Massage every few weeks just for maintenance now—but thanks to her help over these last couple of months, he can finally keep up with his friends out on the course again!