Every move I made was torture!

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I couldn’t Stand, Sit or Walk In Comfort!

Pity the person who suffers from back pain even mild back pain.

He or she really know what suffering is! Both acute and chronic back pain can be disabling and is a real affliction. Their pain is torturous, their constant discomfort is maddening. 

More than torment, being in pain is a drain on your health. The constant pain taxes your nerves and strength… and can make you look and feel older than you are.

Almost every person who has back pain – even mild back pain – shows it on his or her face.


What you need to do to relieve the pain and start enjoying life and moving again, is go for a Remedial Massage at Adaptive Massage Recovery Room.

As the name suggests, we help you recover. Adaptive Massage Recovery Room is real solution for the alleviation of back pain.

The Remedial Massage therapist touch will quickly eases the pain; quickly relieves the tension of tight, hypertonic muscles.

Many call Adaptive Massage Recovery Room a blessing and say it is the only thing that ever gave them any relief from the distress of back pain.

Here is why Adaptive Massage Recovery Room is so effective in helping people with Back pain.

1) Thorough intake form

2) We listen to you, your pain is real

3) Assessment

4) Discuss an ongoing treatment plan

5) Tailor the treatment to best help your pain quickly

6) Release, activate, integrate

7) Skilled and qualified massage therapist

8) After care massage

For maximum benefit, body awareness and movement restoration training is advised in addition to remedial massage therapy. In this training you will develop your proprioception, and build on fundamental movement patterns, like the hip hinge.

If you are suffer lower back pain, then exercise like this will help activate and integrate the big muscles of your body like you rear end (glutes) so you do use you lower back when lifting. It will teach you to bend from the hip and not the lower back. This one little technique alone will prevent hours of pain and suffering.

If it is your upper back and neck, then there is a good chance you will need to activate you middle traps and lats and then integrate this into everyday movements.

But this all comes down to your intake process and assessment. As no 2 conditions are the same, so no 2 treatments plans are the same.

If you’re looking for a integrated approach to finally overcome you back pain, then look no further than Adaptive Massage Recovery Room.