Dylan’s Story – How Regular Sports Massage Has Helped His Cycling

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Dylan had been riding his bicycle for years, and he loved it. It was his favorite way to stay in shape and enjoy the outdoors. But as he got older, Dylan started having more aches and pains from cycling – something that hadn’t happened when he was younger.

He tried taking painkillers but they weren’t helping much, so he decided to give Sports Massage a try instead. He’d heard great things about it from friends who had also experienced similar issues while biking and thought it might be worth a shot.

When Dylan went in for his first massage session, his Remedial Massage Therapist really understand what he needed right away, as she has help many cyclists in the past. She asked questions about any specific problems Dylan had been having lately with his body while biking, then tailored the sposts massage specifically towards addressing those areas of tension or soreness that were bothering him most on the bike ride itself.

The session ended up being incredibly effective – not only did it help alleviate some of Dylan’s existing aches and pains but it also made sure that they didn’t come back again after future rides too! He continued going regularly for remedial massages over time, always finding them helpful both during long rides as well as afterwards when managing any niggles or injuries caused by cycling too much at once without prior preparation or rest days in between sessions.

Dylan felt like a new person each time he left one of these massages – relieved from all the stress put onto his body during each bike ride yet still feeling energized enough to go out there again soon afterwards! The Remedial & Sports Massages definitely changed how he saw fitness through cycling forever – no longer just an enjoyable hobby but now a real way for him to remain healthy while doing something that brought him joy every day!

If you too, would like to experience what a Remedial & Sports Massage can do for your cycling, book an appointment today!