Bending Towards Lower Back Pain

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In the vast majority of acute lower back pain, we see here at Adaptive Massage it is often caused when the muscles are overexerted.

In life we all may enjoy sports, running, exercise, jogging, sitting, standing, gardening, cooking, etc, yet all these fun activities can cause back pain.

At the time you don’t really notice any pain.

But you could have bent badly or simply had poor posture – both static and dynamic – for a prolonged period of time. When you finish and relax, your muscles tighten up and you stiffen up. And, then comes the pain. This is a protection mechanism. It is your bodies way to say STOP, don’t hurt me, don’t bend badly again, don’t have bad posture.

Fact: Did you know that practicing to bend correctly and using movements like the hip hinge has proven to be a mind-blowing treatment for people with lower back pain?

If you have been bending poorly and now have back pain, it is time to stop and take control of your body.

The hip hinge is a fantastic movement pattern as you bend from your hips and not your lower back. By doing this you use your glutes to help with the bend, saving your lower back muscles and saving you from pain.

This is one of the first things we teach when our clients start integrating exercise therapy into their treatment. This simple strategy along has saved many backs from pain.

If any of this sounds like you. I have some good news. It only takes a few small lifestyle changes, with a little bit of remedial massage and exercise therapy and you can be living a life back pain free.

Become pain free, book an appointment today. You lower back will thank you for it.

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