Beat Shoulder Pain with Remedial Massage

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If you’re in the throes of shoulder pain, it can seem like your only option is to suffer through it. I have news for you: there are plenty of effective treatments for shoulder pain — and one of the most effective is remedial massage. Let’s explore why remedial massage works so well for shoulder pain and how to get started on treatment!

What is Remedial Massage?

Remedial massage involves massaging and manipulating soft tissue to help restore function and reduce discomfort. It helps to relieve tension in muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia, and joints throughout the body — including the shoulders. Massage can also stretch shortened muscles and stimulate weak muscles, improving flexibility and range of motion around the joints. The result? Reduced shoulder pain!

Remedial massage techniques include a variety of ways to target problem areas in the shoulder area. For example, kneading techniques such as petrissage can be used on muscle fibers to break down adhesions that build up from overuse or injury; trigger point therapy uses pressure on knots or contracted muscle fibers to release tension; Swedish massage is great for relieving muscle spasms; while stretching can be used to lengthen tight muscles that are contributing to the shoulder pain.

Your Treatment Plan

The beauty of remedial massage is that it’s tailored specifically to your individual needs. Your remedial massage therapist will discuss your specific concerns with you before designing a treatment plan that addresses those issues. This might involve a combination of different massage techniques and stretches designed to target key areas in your shoulders as well as strengthen weakened areas. Regular sessions over a period of time are usually recommended in order to achieve lasting relief from shoulder pain — but even just a single session can make a difference!

If you’re dealing with persistent shoulder pain, don’t despair — help is available! Remedial massage has been proven time and again as an effective way to tackle chronic pain such as shoulder stiffness or discomfort due to overuse or injury. Your professional remedial massage therapist will work with you on designing a custom plan that utilizes various therapeutic techniques such as kneading, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, stretching — whatever works best for your individual needs! So don’t suffer any longer – book yourself an appointment today!