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How to relieve back pain

When most people experience back pain, they go visit their local doctor. Most doctors will often prescribe rest and pain medication.  A small percentage will refer on to other professionals that have been experience in back pain, like an Exercise Physiologist for exercise therapy or a remedial massage therapist for soft tissue work.  An even smaller percentage who have the skills and knowledge will prescribe a variety of exercises, diets, stretch exercises, etc to relieve back pain.

According to statistics, about 4 million people in Australia suffer back pain each year. Some will endure surgery, while others find ways to minimize the pain. Unfortunately, some people turn to alcohol and drugs to relieve such pain.

When pain is chronic, it makes it difficult to cope with daily duties. Back pain mild or chronic can slow activities, mobility, and so on.

While there are, many medical causes and sometimes-mysterious causes… the fact is the majority of people in Australia fail to maintain a good range of motion in their joints by stretching and exercising regularly.

This is something we see all time common here at Adaptive Massage. The good news is if you a serious about finding a solution and serious about making a few small changes, there is a really good chance you can become pain free too like so many of our clients.

Some people are lucky. That is some people mysterious experience back pain and in a few months, the pain vanishes, never returning. Lucky dogs!

While a small proportion of people recover naturally from back pain, a larger proportion can find relief by modifying their weight, adjusting sitting arrangements, exercise and movement therapy, stretching and massage therapy.

Still, others suffer enduring back pain. These people often spend a lifetime indulging in over-the-counter meds, such as analgesics. If they would get off the couch, align the back with strengthening and stretch exercises and support of remedial massage therapists, the pain may disappear.

Still, other people suffer life-long back pain due to injuries, trauma, disease, and so on. The downside is these people rarely get the treatment they deserve, since it is rarely recommended by doctors. In short, doctors will often recommend over-the-counter medications, i.e. painkillers to resolve the problem. Doctors rarely tell patients to exercise, diet, etc. Sometimes you may hear, “Loose some weight,” yet the doctor will rarely tell the patient how it is done.

Painkillers work to eliminate inflammation and sometimes pain, yet what doctors fail to tell the patients is that painkillers do not have the same affect on all people. For sure, some painkillers will reduce pain for some, while others may continue hurting.

The sad truth is when these people come to see us, after trying everything else, they have a small addiction to pain killers and in many cases alcohol.  These people need help coping with the pain, and if doctors are not offering that help, thus drugs and alcohol is the answer.

In many cases information is power when it comes to helping people with back pain and problems. When a client has an idea as to what is causing their pain, they can move to treatment options that help them to find relief.

Fact: When a person is aware of cause, effect, only then can he take action to eliminate the cause. When a person is aware of cause, he moves to acceptance, in turn acceptance moves him to act.

Fact: Exercise & Massage Therapy has proven to reduce even the worst back pain.

If you want to find all the information needed and chart out a plan to help reduce back pain, then come in for an initial consult.

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