Back Pain and Diagnosis

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Did you know that many doctors don’t have a good answer when it comes to non-specific back pain?

Back pain is extremely common, yet many doctors fail to see the cause?

The answer is simple.

The reason is most medical doctors only look for specific pathologies and do not generally look at the body as a whole. Unfortunately, this leaves many doctors focused on prescribing medicines and searching for answers with scan and test, when in many times the answer might be in front of them.

Don’t get me wrong, there are many good doctors out there and if you are suffering from any of these back pain symptom as described in this article, then it wise to see a doctor to rule out recognizable and specific pathology.

But if you are suffering from non specific back pain with no identifiable under lying causes, you are seeing a doctor and doing a battering of scans (X Ray, MRI etc) this might be leading you down a rabbit hole.

As mentioned earlier many doctors do not – for a number of reasons… time, knowledge, experience, impairment based thinking – see the body as a whole and appreciate how one part of the body can affect other parts, especially when it comes to musculoskeletal issues. They fail to see that many causes of back pain rests in misaligned bones, or spine. Of course, diseases may cause back pain as well but simple things like sitting too long, lack of stretch exercises, etc, all cause lower back pain.

We have had a case recently with a 43-year-old man who presented to us with Lower Back Pain. He has been having pain on and off for a couple of years. He had seen doctors and had a number of scans including an MRI. The MRI said he had some degeneration of the bones and thinning of the disks. But nothing really abnormal.

During his initial consult we really dug deep into what was going on. We told him we wanted to know everything. We wanted to know what was his symptoms, what he was missing out on because of his lower back pain and how it is affecting him personally. We wanted to know everything in detail. We wanted to know about his history, what injuries has he had, how does he rate his movement and health, what he has tried in the past, all with the sole purpose to find a solution.

All this information was so important and helpful. Because as soon as we knew what was going on with him, what past injuries he had, what he had tried, what he had not tried and how all this is impacting him, we were able to chart out a course of action. A “Game Plan” so he could get better quicker and become pain free.

We discovered in his 20’s he broke his ankle. While this has long healed and not giving any pain, when we watched him walk, we noticed he is still walking with a limp causing his hip to sway a lot side to side. To compound this, the client enjoys walking his dog which he does daily for about 30min. As the walk progresses the pain in his back becomes worse.

On further investigation of his ankle, we discovered he had limited range of motion. We asked did he do any rehab for his ankle after he broke it.  His answer was “No, I had it in a cast and rested it until no pain”

Our Game Plan with this client was to help with some pain relief of the lower back, but then do some deep tissue massage on his ankle, to break down scar tissue and adhesions. All this designed to improve his range of motion.

Once his ankle range of motion had improved, we started working on fixing his limp and walking pattern. As the limp decreased and the walking pattern improved, his lower back pain decreased.

I am happy to say he is now pain free.

As this demonstrates, seeing a doctor and doing X-Rays and MRIs on his back would have never discovered the root cause of this man lower back pain.

Have you got Lower Back Pain and looking for another opinion? Book in for a consult and see why our approach is so different and why we can help so many of our clients.

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