Alice’s Story – How Sports Massage Helps Her Hockey

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Alice had been playing field hockey for years now, and she was hugely passionate about it. She loved the speed and intensity of the game, as well as the camaraderie between her teammates. It was an integral part of her life and she spent most of her free time either practicing or participating in matches.

However, all that exercise did take its toll on Alice’s body—she often felt aches and pains after practice or games due to all the running around on the pitch. But rather than give up something she loved doing so much, Alice decided to be proactive in looking after herself by investing in regular remedial massage sessions.

At first it seemed like a strange concept; why would someone who wasn’t even injured consider getting a sports massage? But Alice quickly realised how beneficial they were—not only did they help with existing injuries but also prevented any new ones from arising due to their preventative effects. From then onwards, Alice made sure to have at least one session every month before going back out onto the pitch again!

The combination of intense exercise coupled with regular massages meant that Alice could continue playing field hockey without worrying about any physical issues getting in her way—it truly was a winning formula for both mind and body!

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