Alice Story To Finding Lower Back Pain Relief

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Alice had been grappling with persistent lower back pain for over a year, and it was taking a toll on her. Eager for a solution, her doctor’s suggestion led her to try remedial massage. When Alice first stepped into the Adaptive Massage clinic, a mix of hope and nerves filled her.

Right from the start, her therapist, Devi, made her feel at ease. He patiently inquired about her daily routines and then meticulously evaluated her movement, strength, posture, and pain intensity using a range of tests.

Based on Alice’s unique needs, Devi crafted a special massage plan that combined deep tissue release with trigger point pressure therapy. This not only targeted the muscle tension but also addressed nerve-related concerns.

After just a single session with Devi and practicing some stretches he shared, Alice felt a world of difference! The nagging pain was gone. Overwhelmed with joy and relief, she left the clinic with a spring in her step, grateful for her transformative experience at Adaptive Massage.

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