Adrian’s Story – How Sports Massage Helped His Running

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Adrian had been a runner since he was a teenager, but it wasn’t until his mid-thirties that he truly started to appreciate the benefits of regular exercise. For Adrian, running was more than just keeping fit – it allowed him to clear his head and really relax after a long day at work. He would often go for an early morning run before starting his day, or if he had some spare time in the evening, take advantage of the beautiful nature around him for some much needed “me time”.

But as with any physical activity, injuries can occur which is why Adrian made sure that he looked after himself by getting regular remedial & sports massages. Not only did this help with sore muscles and aches from running, but also helped prevent future issues arising so that nothing would get in the way of his passion. He found these sessions incredibly beneficial not only physically but mentally too; they provided him with a sense of calmness and clarity which enabled him to achieve whatever goals set out ahead of him.

Overall Adrian feels healthier both mentally and physically because of his commitment to running and taking care of himself through remedial massage therapy. Sure there were days when all he wanted to do was stay in bed or watch TV instead – but then there were times when those extra miles gave him an amazing feeling like no other! And it kept reminding Adrian why taking care of your body should always be priority number one!

If you would like to improve your running like Adrian, book in for a sports massage today!